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  • FitLegs™ Everyday
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    FitLegs™ Everyday

    The ideal sock for
    work and travel*

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  • FitLegs™ Sport
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    FitLegs™ Sport

    The ideal sock for increasing
    endurance and reducing
    muscle fatigue*

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  • FitLegs™ Diabetes

    FitLegs™ Diabetes

    The ideal sock for people
    with diabetes or sensitive,
    swollen feet*

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FITLEGS™ Everyday

Our Everyday sock can be worn at work and for travel.*


Our Sport sock works on increasing endurance and reducing muscle fatigue.*

FITLEGS™ Diabetes

Our Diabetes sock has been designed specifically for people who have swollen and sensitive feet.*

FITLEGS™ Life - Nordic

Our Life sock can be worn at work and for travel.*

FITLEGS™ Life - Basket Weave

Our Life sock can be worn at work and for travel.*

FITLEGS™ Life - Skulls

Our Life sock can be worn at work and for travel.*

About FITLEGS™ Compression

Our range of FITLEGS™ Everyday and FITLEGS™ Sports socks have been designed with clinically proven graduated compression*, and the finest materials to provide you with the ultimate care and protection.

Graduated compression helps to improve the circulation of blood in the legs, with the highest level of compression at the ankles – decreasing upwards towards the knee. This pushes the blood back up the legs and towards the heart, lowering your risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis and making your legs feel fit and healthy.

FITLEGS™ are right for any occasion, so grab a pair and see what compression can do for you!

“FITLEGS™ compression socks provide first class comfort, safety, and are far superior to other brands I have previously used.”

Louis Selwyn FRSM, MMJA.
CCGA Treasurer and Chief Co-ordinator.

“As a new runner, I would most certainly recommend them to other runners as they were very comfortable but the added support to my calves which are a little out of shape.”

Sasha Light

“I would highly recommend these to any runner, also to anyone recovering from a calf injury and wanting to return to running with the knowledge these socks could offer greater support.”

Lee Bolton

“My experience has been absolutely fantastic and I'll keep on wearing the FITLEGS™ socks.”

Jordi Sotorra

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* Data on file. Please contact us for more information